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How do we create best dating sites reviews?

We Investigate

1. We Investigate

Our expert researchers scan the most trusted sources for real user feedback on online dating sites & apps. In most cases, we may try out the dating sites ourselves to provide our readers with real-life, unbiased experience and insights.

We Analyze

2. We Analyze

We look for data like marketing claims vs real user demographics & fake account frequencies. We score usability, match algorithms, profile possibilities and real-life scenarios. Our goal is to uncover the truth behind all best dating sites.

We Evaluate

3. We Evaluate

Based on the gathered in-depth data, every dating site is evaluated & scored according to our research process model. Whether it’s the best dating site or the worst, each score is given with great accuracy & consideration.

We Review

4. We Review

Finally, when all the data is gathered & analyzed, our expert reviewers craft in-depth documentation of every online dating site. Here, you can easily make a decision by reading fact-based reviews & taking a look at our list of dating sites.

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100% Verified Best Dating Sites Reviews by Experts
100% Verified Best Dating Sites Reviews by Experts

You match. You chat. You date

No doubt, dating is complicated & time-consuming. Since the internet is full of online dating sites that are less-than-perfect & not trustworthy, it doesn’t make finding your match easier. Luckily, our dating experts have a lot of experience in the field of online dating & they are here to share their insights with you. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just a fling, we take it onto ourselves to direct you towards the best dating sites possible, according to your wants and needs. You won’t need to test hundreds of “most popular” dating sites & spend hours on people that aren’t actually interested in you or even don’t exist in real life. With BestDaters.com personal reviews and exact tips & tricks, you’ll find top dating sites that will bring you desired results.

TOP 10 Best Dating Sites of 2024

We have scanned the internet, fact-checked dozens of marketing claims, and read hundreds of user opinions, all to find top dating sites. Take a look at this TOP10 list of dating sites 2024 & reach your romantic goals faster. Save time and effort by finding out which are the best dating sites in the game!

2. Plenty of Fish Review

  • Huge user base
  • People looking for both hook-ups and stable relationships
  • Premium plans are very affordable
  • The Meet Me game is a fun way of finding a partner
Our Score: 9.6
1172 User Reviews

Pros: Plenty of Fish is arguably one of the biggest and oldest dating sites on the internet. The platform has both automated matchmaking and allows you to find matches manually, has a pretty decent mobile app, and a huge user base.

Cons: The layout and user interface of Plenty of Fish is quite dated, and it's not exactly a very LGBT-friendly online dating platform, either.

Read Plenty of Fish review...

3. OkCupid Review

  • Over 1 million daily users
  • Personality test-based matchmaking
  • All of the essential features are free
Our Score: 9.4
1261 User Reviews

Pros: OkCupid is one of the most popular inline dating platforms. It has a huge user base, and is great for anyone who is looking for both hook-ups and long-term relationships, alike.

Cons: The platform is strongly dominated by men, and the interface is a tad bit outdated when compared to some other dating platforms out there.

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4. Christian Mingle Review

  • Over 9 million users
  • Great bot detection systems
  • Christian-themed
  • Simple to use
Our Score: 9.1
927 User Reviews

Pros: Christian Mingle is a great online dating platform for anyone who's looking for a Christian significant other to spend their lives with. The site is easy to use, the profiles are informative and many features are free.

Cons: The dating platform's mobile app version is extremely lackluster, and the pricing options are some of the highest you'd see for an online dating site. Also, messaging other users is a paid feature.

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5. Match Review

  • Dating site for serious relationships
  • More than 4 million people from the USA
  • Amazing features
  • Meet people from different age groups
Our Score: 8.6
1384 User Reviews

Pros: Match is one of the oldest online dating sites for people who are looking for serious relationships and are ready to start a family. This site is very reliable and offers some amazing features.

Cons: Match is quite limited if you don't have a paid plan.

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6. Coffee Meets Bagel Review

  • Huge user base
  • Facebook friend list-based
  • Accurate matchmaking
  • Female-dominated
Our Score: 8.5
728 User Reviews

Pros: Coffee Meets Bagel is a great mobile dating app for anyone looking for a meaningful relationship. The app is easy to use, has a free version and is LGBT-friendly.

Cons: The matchmaking process of Coffee Meets Bagle is a bit odd, and you won't be able to create a profile without a Facebook account.

Read Coffee Meets Bagel review...

7. Zoosk Review

  • Meet people from different age groups
  • 40 million members worldwide
  • Create account in a few minutes
  • Many success stories
Our Score: 8.4
1359 User Reviews

Pros: Zoosk is one of the most popular dating sites in the world, it has more than 40,000,000 members of different age groups. It's using the Behavioral Matchmaking algorithm that allows you to find better connections. This site is created not only for people who are looking for a long-term relationship but also for those who are looking for one-night stands.

Cons: One of the main issues that members noticed is fake accounts. Zoosk administrators seem to be working on this problem.

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8. OurTime Review

  • More than 8 million monthly visits
  • Female-dominated
  • Senior-oriented
  • Long-term relationships or serious friendships
Our Score: 8.3
691 User Reviews

Pros: OurTime is a senior-oriented dating platform. It's very simple to use, has detailed profiles and a good balance of free and paid features. It's great for anyone looking for serious relationships and long-term friendships.

Cons: One of the biggest shortcomings of OurTime is that there are quite a few fake accounts - there's no verification upon registering (no bot detection system). Also, messaging is only allowed to paid customers.

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9. eHarmony Review

  • More than 29 million members from the United States
  • Uses compatibility matching system
  • Created for people who are looking for serious relationships
Our Score: 8.2
1107 User Reviews

Pros: Dating site for people of different age groups who are ready to settle down and want to establish serious relationships. It has more than 29 million members from the United States and utilizes the compatibility matching system.

Cons: eHarmony reviews are not pleased with the mobile app and the fact that the minimum subscription is 6 months.

Read eHarmony review...

10. Tinder Review

  • More than 50 million members worldwide
  • Accepts members of LGBTQ+
  • Swipe feature
  • Fun to use
Our Score: 8.1
963 User Reviews

Pros: Tinder is used by more than 50 million members worldwide, it accepts members of LGBTQ+. Tinder app is very easy to use, swiping makes everything more fun. What is more, you get some amazing features.

Cons: Tinder might be a bit shallow as people evaluate you based on your looks. What is more, members use it for different intentions, usually for one-night stands.

Read Tinder review...

How to choose the best dating site?

It’s really easy to get lost among hundreds of dating sites. Firstly start by deciding what you’re looking for - true love, long-term relationship, friendship, or just a one night stand. After your target is figured-out, the best thing to do is get real-life opinions from dating expert reviews. Keep in mind that not all such expert review sites are genuine & look after your best interest. Not to worry, though - this project is aimed to help people find the most trustworthy dating sites reviews, expert insights, real-life experiences, tips & guides on how to find a match in the online dating world.

The importance of online dating sites

With the most popular dating sites, you can reach your dating goals faster, more comfortable & without any social anxiety. But finding these best dating sites is the most time-consuming issue, as lots of them are full of fake accounts, bots & people that are paid to chat with you without any actual interest in meeting you. This project was built by peers who have become dating gurus with the core idea of saving time by personally trying out the dating sites and sharing their own real-life experience here.

Today online dating is the most popular way to find your match

Today online dating is the most popular way to find your match

According to the Pew Research Centre, 59% of Americans consider online dating the right way to meet people. That’s more than half! The research also shows that a typical person that dates online is tech-savvy & aims to meet interesting people while balancing their busy professional life.

That being said, more than 32% of people are dating online, finding their soulmates & building connections. It shows that online dating can be successful; the only struggle is finding the best dating sites that will suit your interest the best.

Best dating sites reviews by the numbers

We are happy to help thousands of people to save time by directing them towards the right path in the dating world. By uncovering the truth behind most popular & less-known dating sites, crafting unbiased best online dating sites analysis & documenting in-depth reviews, BestDaters.com team is dedicated to help you find your desired person!


Best dating sites tested

To find the right match, naturally, you’ll need to try out many online dating sites, which is almost impossible. That’s why we analyze the dating market daily to find and review not only the most popular dating sites, but also the niche ones. Go on, discover all of them here!

3, 917

Genuine user reviews

Reading user reviews is one of the best ways to find out if the dating platform suits your intentions. The only question is - are the reviews real? Unlike many other dating review sites, this project is aimed to provide you with exceptional real user experiences & reviews!


Review process

Having a strict review process is an essential part of creating in-depth dating site reviews. We measure every aspect, opinion & experience that we find, to craft the best list of online dating sites. But most importantly - every review process step is fact-checked.

The most important aspects of top dating sites

To find the right partner online, you need to research the best online dating sites and find out what fits your needs. This might seem like a lot of work, but don’t worry - we have done it for you. Just look at the most critical dating site aspects that are always covered in each of our in-depth reviews!

Best Dating Sites Demographics


Before you decide which dating sites suit your intent best, you need to find out about the primary user segment on each platform. By reading our peer-based best dating sites reviews, you’ll quickly know the gender ratio, age groups, dominating social status, user count, education level, primary goals, and other important metrics of the best dating site’s users. Use your time efficiently!

Best Dating Sites Price


There is a massive list of dating sites that offer services for cheap or even for free. In some cases, a free plan might be a great start, in others - just a marketing trap with limited features or even no features at all. That’s why, before committing to a specific best dating site, our peers analyze it for any hidden fees. Some most popular dating sites are upfront about their prices, some are not.

Best Dating Sites Ease Of Use

Ease of Use

To build quick connections, you will need to spend some time on the dating sites, so naturally, you would want them to be comfortable, fun & easy to use. As many online dating sites reviews uncover, some dating sites are very confusing and have old-school interfaces, while others are very intuitive. Dating apps are also a priority in the mobile-first era, and not all are the same!

Best Dating Sites Safety & Verification

Safety & Verification

Since the world of online dating allows anonymity, you need to be careful while communicating with people that you don’t actually know. That’s where safety & anti-scam barriers of top dating sites become very useful. By looking into our expert reviews, you’ll find out if the site has a proper verification process & safety regulations. Chat with real people, not bots & always stay secure!

Best Dating Sites Niche


As good as a dating site might be, you will be wasting your time trying to find a match among people of different interests & intentions. If your main goal is to find quick and short-term hookups, some top dating sites might not be a good fit for you as a primary goal of its audience is to find a long-term relationship. Best dating sites reviews reveal the actual niches of the most popular platforms.

Top Dating Sites Success Stories

Success Stories

It’s useful to hear real user stories about online dating sites before committing to one. That’s why we always take success stories into account while creating our best dating site reviews. Actual people and their real dating journeys are the most significant proof of how top dating sites perform in real life. Success doesn’t only depend on you; it also depends on the chosen dating platform.


How can I choose the best online dating site?

First of all, you need to clarify your primary intention, whether it’s finding a long-term partner or just a hookup. This step is essential because there are many different online dating sites, and if you choose wrong, you’ll be wasting your time in the wrong area. It’s also vital to find out the general user audience of each dating site you’re researching, as well as the safety and anti-scam policies. It’s also crucial that the site is really trustworthy. It might seem like a struggle to figure this all out, but we’ve done all the research for you. Take a look at the best online dating sites list.

What are the pros of dating online?

Firstly, you have to choose the online dating brands you want to compare in the input fields above. Click “Compare Now” & you will get two charts. One with generalized main information & the other with more detailed various feature comparison. Simply browse the dating site comparison charts & compare your chosen online dating sites side by side for each feature. You should be able to make your pick easily!

What types of online dating sites are there?

There are many different online dating sites out there. You can choose matchmaking sites, casual dating platforms, hookup apps, dating sites according to your religion, race, sexuality and various interests.

How are the most popular dating sites reviewed & ranked?

Based on our experience, we have created a 5-step review process. We collect vast amounts of user reviews & opinions, thoroughly investigate the dating site brands online. In most cases, we may test the dating site ourselves, evaluate and rank online dating sites according to our analysis, and finally, document and publish in-depth dating site reviews. Following this process, we ensure that every brand deserves its spot on the list of dating sites.

What is the difference between free & paid top dating sites?

In some scenarios, free online dating sites may seem like a good idea, but in most cases, you’ll notice that they lack certain essential features. For example, some most popular dating sites won’t even let you send private messages with a free plan, which is the most important feature if you want to chat with people that you’re interested in. That being said, it’s totally up to you if you’re going to experience the perks of the online dating world fully, or you’re good as it is. All these aspects are covered in our dating platform reviews.

How can I be sure that online dating sites are safe & legit?

The verification process and overall privacy of each online dating site are vital features for ensuring your security online. Some popular online dating sites offer a lot of safety features, while others might be putting your privacy and personal data in danger by allowing bots and fake accounts. Don’t worry, though - online dating platform safety is always thoroughly covered by expert reviewers in our in-depth online dating sites reviews.