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The Mission

BestDaters is an independent dating site comparison, review & advice initiative brought to you by expert reviewers and online dating enthusiasts. Our main goal is to provide people with a successful online dating handbook by sharing real-life peer experience. The expert-collected and published data guides people through the online dating journey & helps them make informed decisions by choosing the best online dating site according to personal needs and intentions.

We know how confusing & complicated the whole online dating scene might seem. From finding the most suitable and reliable site to thinking of a good opening line, your online dating goals could become unreachable if you don’t use the right platform with the right people. That’s why this initiative started!

The online dating world might seem like a big bubble of fake accounts, personalities & sneaky platforms that are willing to do anything to catch your attention and, most importantly, money. So, how to overcome this massive problem? Our answer is to find a peer who can share his/her real experience with online dating sites.

Our in-depth online dating site analysis has helped thousands save time, avoid social anxiety, chat, and meet the right people. Whether you’re looking for long-term relationships, one-night flings, or just friendships, BestDaters.com will provide you with entirely independent, research-based evaluations. We don’t depend on any marketing claims - our experts analyze & may test the online dating sites themselves to give you the real inside scoop!

The Problem

The biggest online dating struggles everybody may encounter are lost time and effort. Chatting with people that don’t exist will never lead you to real results. That’s why you need a dating site - a community - that attracts real people with real intent, real lives, and real profiles. In most cases, your online dating failures are not your fault. The outcome mostly depends on the channel that you choose - the online dating site.

We believe that a review site’s main goal should be to advise & guide people on various subjects truthfully. Sadly, that’s not always the case with dating site review platforms - there are still a lot of unreliable opinions & bought rankings floating around.

In some cases, those kinds of untrustworthy review sites are owned by the top dating sites. In other cases, good evaluations & reviews are bought without any valid reasoning behind them. Unlike other review platforms, BestDaters.com remains an entirely independent, reader-supported & fact-based review project. We strive to help people reach their dating goals & real success by using only the top-rated & verified dating sites.

Best Dating Site reviews author

Laura M.

Professional chief editor, online dating enthusiast, reviewer, human rights activist

Laura is a professional reviewer who has been covering the online dating topic for quite some time now. She has a lot of experience in the online dating world, where she personally managed to find her true love & now shares her personal experience with others. She has a degree in New Media Journalism & is passionate about human rights and digital freedom.

Best Dating Site reviews author

Aaron aka Aaron “Small”

Senior editor, expert reviewer & online security enthusiast

Aaron is an experienced writer. He is passionate about the Internet of Me (IoM) & cybersecurity. Aaron has tried dozens of online dating sites, not only as tools to match with people but also analyzing most of them from the analytical perspective. He knows how confusing the online dating world might be & is happy to help by sharing his insights. Numerous media outlets have quoted Aaron.

Preston J. T.


Preston is an expert when it comes to people’s emotions, portrayed both in real-life & online. He understands social relationships, what people want & expect from online dating. His expertise helps us with analyzing dating sites & creating fact-based reviews.

Kayla O.


Kayla is a firm believer in online dating. She has a lot of experience in this field and, as a behaviorist, knows people’s intentions better than anyone. She is a significant helper in our dating site analysis & evaluation process, and is a helpless romantic!

Michelle S.


Michelle is all about the numbers! She makes sure that the data presented on our website is as accurate as possible. Michelle is passionate about helping people by uncovering real & genuine information.

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