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Best-rated Dating Site Comparison Chart

Scanning through dozens of online dating site reviews one by one is exhausting and time-consuming. That’s why we put all the online dating brands head-to-head in this in-depth online dating site comparison wiki. You can compare dating sites & all of their features side by side to see which brand suits you best!

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Plenty Of Fish

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A great dating site for well-educated people in their thirties who want aren't afraid to spend a bit of money. One of the oldest and most popular dating sites for people in their lates 20s and early 30s.
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Compare Dating Sites By Evaluating Their Main Features

Naturally, while comparing dating sites, you want to make the right choice. The best way to make sure you choose the worthiest online dating brand is multiple dating site side by side comparison. In this dating site comparison wiki, you’ll find only fact-based information, measured facts & researched data - no false marketing claims. We have gathered all the most important features you need to take into account while comparing dating sites, just take a look!

Dating Site Comparison

Dating Site Audiences Comparison


Online dating sites’ audience & demographics are one of the most important factors to measure if you want to compare dating sites correctly. You have to take dominating age, gender, social status, education level and other important metrics into account while comparing online dating sites head-to-head. Luckily, we have all this information gathered for you!

Dating Site Price Comparison


Price is a vocal point for anyone aiming to compare dating sites & choose the best option. Especially because online dating sites may have a lot of hidden fees that you might not even notice firsthand. So before committing to any dating site, make sure you compare online dating sites’ pricing models. It may seem confusing, but you can easily find all the pricing info covered here.

Dating Site Ease of Use Comparison

Ease of Use

While doing online dating site comparison, you should always take user experience into account. Honest feedback from real users & opinions of UX/UI experts will tell you a lot about the quality of online dating sites without you even needing to test it yourself. With this dating site comparison you can easily measure how easy & pleasant it is to use each online dating site.

Dating Site Safety & Verification Comparison

Safety & Verification

Some online dating sites allow anonymity and that results in users not fully knowing who they’re talking to. What’s more, some dating sites are infested with bots, fake accounts & catfishes. That’s why choosing an online dating site that has top-tier security & verification measures is a must. These safety features are regularly evaluated in our dating site comparisons.

Dating Site Niche Comparison


Each dating site is created with a purpose in mind, whether it’s to help people find long-term partnerships, or one night flings. Your efforts mean nothing if you’re looking for the right person in the wrong place. That’s why with this online dating site comparison tool, you can see the real purpose of each site. Compare dating sites here & find out what each online dating site is best for.

Dating Site Success Stories Comparison

Success Stories

Reading experience-based opinions of online dating sites’ users can be very helpful while comparing dating brands. Success stories represent real people who have reached their online dating goals. Of course, it’s only important if those stories are not part of a marketing scheme and are truthful. But leave it for us to gather only real user feedback in our online dating site comparison wiki.



How should I choose the most suitable dating site for me?

Choosing the right online dating site is a big step towards reaching your dating achievements. Since there are a lot of different online dating site options, it may seem overwhelming and time consuming to scan through all of them. No worries - we have done all the research for you. Just use this ultimate online dating site comparison tool - pick the brands you want to compare & view all the most important aspects measured against each other for each brand. You will instantly see which online dating site is perfect for you!

How is the Online Dating Site Comparison Tool used?

Firstly, you have to choose the online dating brands you want to compare in the input fields above. Click “Compare Now” & you will get two charts. One with generalized main information & the other with more detailed various feature comparison. Simply browse the dating site comparison charts & compare your chosen online dating sites side by side for each feature. You should be able to make your pick easily!

Which features matter the most while doing dating site comparison?

The most important features to take into account while you compare dating sites are the purpose of the online dating site, demographics, pricing, user base, ease of use & safety measures. Without comparing these factors, choosing the best site can be tricky. Luckily, we have all of that covered in our dating site comparison wiki. All of the most important features and more are measured head to head for each online dating brand.

How can I choose the best online dating site?

First of all, you need to clarify your primary intention, whether it’s finding a long-term partner or just a hookup. This step is essential because there are many different online dating sites, and if you choose wrong, you’ll be wasting your time in the wrong area. It’s also vital to find out the general user audience of each dating site you’re researching, as well as the safety and anti-scam policies. It’s also crucial that the site is really trustworthy. It might seem like a struggle to figure this all out, but we’ve done all the research for you. Take a look at the best online dating sites list.

What are the pros of dating online?

Dating online eliminates the anxiety many people face while approaching a new person in real life. It’s easier to start a conversation online and get to know a person, as you have more time to think about how to present yourself better. Also, it saves a lot of time, so it’s perfect for busy people. You can chat with several people at the same time & easily choose not to waste your time on the wrong ones. Another great perk is some top dating sites might give you a perfect match based on your interests & characteristics.

What types of online dating sites are there?

There are many different online dating sites out there. You can choose matchmaking sites, casual dating platforms, hookup apps, dating sites according to your religion, race, sexuality and various interests.