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Contributed by:  Valerie Baber: Relationship Coach

Valerie Baber

Relationship Coach

Valerie Baber is a relationship and communications coach who helps individuals find their voices and reframe their thoughts in order to have more successful interpersonal experiences. Her published writings and podcast, Sex & Society, deliver discussions on the topics of society, relationships, and psychology with the aim of helping people develop into a stronger, more aware, and more happily functioning society. Men and women seeing to strengthen their confidence and change their relational experiences can book consultations directly from her personal site

Contributed by:  Cleopatra Jade: Relationship Coach

Cleopatra Jade

Relationship Coach

Cleopatra is an experienced relationship coach and a writer who happens to be intuitive. She has been working professionally with clients since 2005 as an Intuitive Counselor as well as offering relationship coaching since 2013. Her goal is to show her clients how to succeed in their personal life, learn to heal, and tap into their high vibes while showing then how to have a healthy love life. You can learn more about Cleopatra on her personal website